Since 2005, Ransom has been providing exclusive technical expertise through his business, Ransom’s Notes Ransom Stephens, Ph.D., Career Highlights: Winner of the 2017 Jim Williams Contributor of the Year ACE award for his papers and seminars advancing the understanding of design and engineering Advanced 1000s of talented electrical engineers and technicians to higher data rates through intensive training courses that develop the intuition necessary to design, test, and debug high rate digital components and systems. Helped scores of marketing engineers present their products’ features so that customers understand why they’re needed and how to use them. Represented companies on technical standards committees including PCIe and OIF-CEI. Led a team of engineers and scientists to determine the most accurate jitter analysis techniques and then market the resulting product through an international speaking tour, webinars, white papers, trade magazine articles, and conference papers, accounted for sales over $200M. Invented the most accurate, fastest and cheapest technique for high speed technology receiver testing - produces ten times more accurate results and reduces test time from hours to seconds. Performed two thirty-five city speaking tours across the United States plus a few stops in Europe, giving full day training seminars to the high speed serial design engineers and fibre optic engineers. Delivered Web Seminars for Tektronix customer education efforts - attendance of 15,000 with 87% advocacy leading to sales of over $150M. Introduced a new marketing concept - midway through a ten-minute presentation, Agilent Technology’s SVP picked up the phone and scheduled a meeting with his marketing team who took the concept and generated $4.5M in quotes in six months. Led development of a new wireless-web broadcast information delivery technology including the protocol, software, requirement specification, error correction and a proprietary modem technology. Devised new signal processing techniques to separate multiple signals and noise. Resulted in the discovery of a new state of matter, precision measurements of rare processes, new techniques for signal identification and characterization of particle physics processes. Solved a satellite telemetry problem and led the implementation of precise satellite positioning technology. Collaborated on the discovery of the Top Quark with the D-Zero collaboration at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Made the most accurate measurements in the world of rare decays of the b-quark. Discovered a new type of matter, the R(1525), a quark-anti-quark resonance including a "valence gluon.” Patents: Pending: New technique for stressed-receiver tolerance testing using Crest Factor Emulation Two techniques for distinguishing timing noise from different causes: US Patents #7,191,080 and #7,149,638 Employment history: In every position he has held, Ransom’s teaching, writing, and speaking skills have propelled his success. In 2005, he started his own business. 2005-Present Ransom’s Notes, Petaluma CA Signal Integrity Sage Advancing engineers to higher data rates by providing intense training courses and seminars Creator of the highest quality educational content in the industry in support of the marketing efforts of Ransom’s Notes’ customers Provides statistical data analysis and advanced optimization techniques to clients in need of a deeper understanding of their products 2012-Present Electronics Design News Contributing Editor / Science & Technology Writer Agilent Technologies, Santa Rosa CA / Richardson TX 2004-2005    Product Marketing Manager / Technical Marketing Engineer 2002-2004    Applied Electrodynamics Physicist / Applications Engineer 2000-2002    Applied Lightwave Scientist / Systems Engineer Enhanced Messaging Systems, Southlake TX Director of Advanced Technology & Staff Scientist University of Texas at Arlington Associate Professor of Physics (tenured) Assistant Professor of Physics o ATLAS experiment, European Center for Particle Physics (CERN), Geneva Switzerland o D-Zero experiment, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia Ill On the team that discovered the top quark o Solenoid Detector Collaboration, Superconducting Super Collider, Waxahachie TX University of Florida Research Associate in Computational and Experimental Particle Physics o Cornell Electron Storage Ring, Cleo-II collaboration, Ithaca NY University of California, Santa Barbara Research Assistant in Experimental Particle Physics o Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, TPC-Two-Gamma Collaboration, Menlo Park CA Discovered the R(1525) in the fusion of two photons Teaching Assistant Education: Ph.D. Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara Named the James Chadwick Scholar of the 1989 Ettore Majorana International School of Sub-Nuclear Physics, Erice, Sicily, Italy B.S. (cum Laude), University of California, San Diego 1982-1983, University of Birmingham, England, Education Abroad Program
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